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Jade Monkey features further information about hiring myself and / or other affiliated DJ's for private functions. Also has latest details on upcoming gigs and events.

The provider of my hosting with pretty good rates. And he's a mate of mine too so I thought I'd put a nod in his direction. Check him out if you're in need of a domain and/or some webspace.
This is a blog operated by my good friend Rob, whose name or DJ alias is likely to feature more heavily once I get the audio page sorted.
I don't know if I'll keep this up or not, but I thought I'd start up a little blog of my own. Now hosted on my own server since I got the means and a little help from my friend Rob (whose blog you can see a link for above).
Perhaps one of the greatest comics on the web with a very strong fanbase. If you're a computer geek kinda persona or are in to video games, you're likely to see yourself be stereotyped, but still find yourself laughing.


If you would like a link to be featured here (?), contact me with the site details and i'll check it out.

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