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Here's a list of audio I've butchered together one way or another. As a "hobby" of mine, this is done either by way of DJing a mix together, or by producing a new track by way of a mash-up.

Track Name File Size Comments
FireBaby 3.55 MB This track came about from making use of the intrumental version of The Prodigy's "Firestarter" and combining it with the acapella so generously included on their "Baby's Got A Temper" CD release. I'll agree it's not the finest of mash-ups for originality, but it was one of my first and holds a special place in my heart.
Toxic Time + Place 2.61 MB When I came up with this idea, I knew I was getting into the best frame of mind to have when making mash-ups. I've always thought that some of the best mash-ups out there are the ones that make you laugh, smile or cringe when you hear them. Enter my creation of Shakira's "inspired" vocals from "Whenever Wherever" laid over Britney Spears "Toxic". And yes, I've witnessed laughter, smiling, and cringing in response to hearing this.
Silence Your Mind 8.70 MB Trance music is a great love of mine, so any opportunity to mash it up a little is just fantastic. The two tunes in question for this one are the instrumental from the Lange remix of DJ Sakin's (& friends) "Protect Your Mind (For The Love Of A Princess)" mixed up with Sarah McLachlan's vocals best known from Delirium's "Silence". When I first created this, I played it to a few of my friends, prompting feedback from one of them to say "well, I don't get what you've done with it". This kinda pleased me, as it showed that I'd mixed it well enough that he couldn't detect anything that "shouldn't be there", but also reinforces what your parents say about all dance music sounding alike!
Sunday Mash 6.64 MB Perhaps one of the most appalingly titled mash-ups I've done, but it was either that or call it "Only Love Can Set You Free On A Sunday Afternoon". The vocals come from the old-school dance classic "Set You Free" from N-Trance, and since getting hold of the acapella track on the single re-release, I'd been wanting to mix it up with something for ages, just waiting for the right track to come along. The MORPH Remix of G&M Project's "Sunday Afternoon" sent shivers down my spine when I first heard it, so imagine my delight when I realised I could use it to create that long awaited mash-up!
Cry Little Bird 3.58 MB Coming across conveniently ready-made acapella tracks isn't easy for me, I don't have any of the right "contacts" to gain access to whatever I want. Many of the acapellas I have archived away came to be in the form of a simple internet search, and I'd take whatever was available. One acapella I've had sat to one side for a while was "Little Bird" from the legendary Annie Lennox, and I've always wanted to use it somehow, but couldn't think what with. It was one of those unprovoked moments of inspiration that came up with the solution. The instrumental is a track simply called "Waah!" by Pob, which is perhaps not so typically well known for use in a mash-up, but I don't believe that should stop me from sharing it with you.
Losing Your Molotov 3.23 MB Perhaps its showing a little less imagination featuring another mash-up using another Prodigy track, but i was just wondering how the B-Side track to "Firestarter" seemed quite an appropriate sound to put rap over the top. One Eminem track later, I took the intrumental track "Molotov Bitch" and mixed it up with the acapella of "Lose Yourself". Just sit back and watch me get sued!
Say My Name Will Be There 3.64 MB I can't count the number of times I've been asked "Pete, why haven't you made a Spice Girls mash-up yet?", mainly because nobody's asked, but in preparation for such a time, I've launched this pre-emptive strike! Using their track "Say You'll Be There", I introduced the vocal talent from "Say My Name" by Destiny's Child. Sit back and reminisce about the late 90's!
Girls Get Together 6.14 MB I call this a mash-up reluctantly, because to use the word "mash" implies that it's smooth, but really it's a load of ideas all thrown together with blind optimism, so perhaps call it a "cut-up" instead! This came about when the Sugababes made their "re-write" of the track "Girls", and that got me thinking that there's quite a few tracks out there with "Girls" in the title somewhere. As far as ideas go, it wasn't really properly thought through, I just threw this together and hoped for the best! Not my best work, but certainly different, and I hope you like the idea where it was coming from.
Summertime Rock Star 4.41 MB Sometimes, I'll get an idea for a mash-up totally out of the blue. The kind of idea that would normally make a guy think "that's a stupid idea, it'll never work", but these are often my favourite kind of ideas! On this occasion, the idea went something along the lines of "that Summertime song by New Kids On The Block could do with being mixed with the vocals from N.E.R.D.'s Rock Star". So I did.
Killing In A Gay Bar 10.9 MB This is the first time I've ever created a mash-up that was "requested". It came about when a friend of mine told me about how she somehow came to the conclusion that you could just as easily slip the lyrics of Electric Six's "Gay Bar" into "Killing In The Name Of" by Rage Against The Machine. Well, of course it's a ridiculous idea, which is exactly why I rose to the challenge! This one's for you, Sezz! Love ya babes!
I Kissed A Womanizer 3.36 MB If you're into your mash-ups (like me), you'll have likely observed that there's quite a few out there that make use of Katy Perry's vocals from "I Kissed a Girl". Nothing wrong with them, but I've not come across any mash-ups that make use of the instrumental, so I thought I'd be the first! The trouble is (which may be the reason why nobody else has used the Katy Perry instrumental) that it's got a kinda 6/8 beat to it, which to those of you who don't know what that means, it kinda limits your choice as to what you can mix in with it. Britney Spears to the rescue with "Womanizer"! Yet another camp mash-up brought to you by English Pete!
If I Were Hot N Cold 3.48 MB Until this point, my mash-ups had all been made using tracks of a reasonably similar tempo, and I wanted to do something a little different by drastically changing the tempo of something to make something a little more different. I decided to take something a little up-tempo and slow it down to be more like a ballad, so using fairly current songs to fit the bill, I took Katy Perry's "Hot N Cold" and slowed it down to sing over the top of the instrumental of "If I Were A Boy" by Beyoncé. Not the smoothest work perhaps, but it was a new challenge, and I think I came out on top of it!
Muppets Of Bel-Air 1.43 MB It was a quiet day, and for no particular reason I thought I'd mash together a couple of TV theme tunes! The title says it all really, it's The Muppet Show vs Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and it's a TV show I look forward to seeing sometime soon!
Piece of Pjanoo In The Way Of Control 6.87 MB OK, so "Pjanoo" by Eric Prydz is a dance track that seemed to be fairly popular, and although it's not bad, I couldn't help but think that it was fairly samey all the way through. Yep, that's good enough a reason to mash it up for me, but being a long track, just using one vocal track wasn't enough. I can't even remember any particular reason for choosing the vocals I used, but they seem to work well enough so that'll do for me! Vocal tracks used are "Piece Of Me" by Britney Spears, and "Standing In The Way Of Control" by Gossip.
Porcelain House 9.61 MB Any of you who have the "Jagged Little Pill" by Alanis Morrisette will be familiar with the unnamed "hidden" track at the very end of the disc. Being an entirely acapella track, it was just begging to be mashed! It was by just playing around and experimenting that I ended up trying it out with Moby's "Porcelain", and though it's not a perfect fit, the lyrics from both tracks seem to meet eachother in the middle in regards to what they're saying.
Warriors Intergalactic Dance 11.11 MB When The Prodigy album "Invaders Must Die" finally landed, every track got swooped up by the mash-up community, so I couldn't let myself get left behind! I thought I'd be a little different to my other mashes by picking one of the more aggressive tracks to hand, and then pick an equally aggressive sounding vocal to go with it. Since I'd had the classic "Intergalactic" acapella by the Beastie Boys hanging around for some time, I figured it had waited long enough to finally be unleashed.
Empty State Outta Love 12.2 MB This one kinda came about with thanks to my sister Jen. When she had checked out my previous mash-up work, she threw some requests my way, one of them involving Anastasia's "I'm Outta Love" (but I forget what the other track was that she wanted it mashed with). When I got my hands on the Anastasia acapella and listened to it, I was instinctively reminded of Armin Van Buuren's "Empty State". After that, I kinda threw the request to one side because as far as I was concerned, my idea was better!
Fear Of The Time Bandit 7.98 MB I cannot stress this enough: THIS MASH-UP WAS NOT MY IDEA. It's made up using the vocals from Lily Allen's "Fear" and a dance track called "Time Bandit" by Allan O'Marshall, and was first put together by another very talented mash-up artist called Ben Double M (please DO check him out, the guy makes exceptional mashes, particularly with more dancey music). The reason I made this is because it's a great combination of tracks, really a top class idea, but in Ben's version there's literally ONE note in the vocals that's very slightly off key, and the OCD in me felt a need to remedy this! So really, I can't take full credit for this idea, only for imitating it, so whether you enjoy my version or the original, please do enjoy it.
Where Is The Pricetag 7.98 MB When "The Voice" started screening here in the UK, it was fun watching the banter between the coaches, especially when and Jessie J were sparring with each other (all in a playful way of course). I found myself jokingly thinking "oh, can't you guys just get along?", and my mind kinda wandered and realised just how similar the backing tracks of "Price Tag" and "Where Is The Love?" are to each other. So yeah, it's one of the more obvious mashes out there, but it was on my mind so I made it.
Edit - On the Final show of "The Voice", the four coaches performed together, doing a song from each of their repertoires, and sure enough, they went seamlessly from "Price Tag" to "Where Is The Love?". Great Minds Think Alike!

Bangawings 9.15 MB Anyone else think of mixing Skrillex with Little Mix?
Just me?

Royal Air Space 9.15 MB OK, so it's been a while since I've done much with my mash-ups, but here's a new one for you combining Lily Allen's "Air Balloon", Lorde's "Royals", and Taylor Swift's "Blank Space". Have I still got it or am I a bit rusty?
Grooves Like Jagger 9.15 MB I've been sat on this one for so long I wasn't entirely sure whether or not the Maroon 5 track had stood the test of time to remain at all relevant in public consciousness, let alone the vocals from the 90s! In the end I just figured that it's still a decent enough combo, and hopefully someone else might agree!
Prima Donna Vida 13.1 MB Perhaps I've left it a bit long to let this one out, but for a while I've not been sure whether to mix the vocals of Marina And The Diamonds with the Instrumental of Coldplay, or vice versa. So in the end I just did both. It's source material might be a few years old, but I think it works pretty well.
Nothing Breaks Like Children's Hearts 7.45 MB I'm actually surprised that I haven't seen anyone else make this one, because the moment I heard "Nothing Breaks Like A Heart" it immediately made me think of the Robert Miles classic "Children".
Adventure Of Anywhere 8.36 MB Inspired by a drive home one day. This was when Rita Ora's "Anywhere" was getting played on the radio a lot, and then out of the blue, Coldplay's "Adventure Of A Lifetime" was aired as a bit of a blast from the past (albeit from only two years before), and somehow I found myself thinking that the two could work together.

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